CSC Website (Civil Service Commission) –

If you are looking for the official website of CSC or Civil Service Commission, here it is – Alternately, you can use this to type in your browser – If you can’t load it up, chances are, the site hosting server or the server itself is down. Be patient and wait but if it doesn’t completely load up, get back again in a few hours or the next day. Sometimes they are in to maintenance mode.

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3 Responses to CSC Website (Civil Service Commission) –

  1. meryjane becao nul says:

    saan po mahanap o masearh ang mga list ng nakapasa?

  2. Lenalyn Bencio says:


    Can I ask my room assignment, which is nasearch quna po kung san sa NVGCHS kso di ngpapakta ung totally na room q-so please send me my room assignment @ my e-mail.


  3. ruth samsom says:

    ok po ba sa isang institution na nagtratrabaho ang / mga anak at ang magulang sa isang goverment agency.?

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